Prostitution in Switzerland is not only legal, it’s regulated by the authorities. In fact, recently (July 2010), the Swiss government raised the legal age of a prostitute to 18 – before that it was only 16! While prostitution behind closed doors is mostly permitted, street prostitution laws differ in each city, and most cities (including Zurich) have strict laws about where hookers can solicit customers.

Brothels in Switzerland aren’t as grandiose as those found in other European destinations. In fact, usually they’re nothing more than a meager reception area and a labyrinth of small and restricted single-room suites. If you’ve visited some of the better whorehouses and eros centres in Germany, Holland, or France, you’re bound to be disappointed by the Swiss version. These establishments tend to be all-business, with comfort and customer service taking a back seat to efficiency. Brothels in Zurich should be considered a last resort for those looking for action.

Most prostitutes in Zurich aren’t local girls. Far more common are Central American, Eastern European, and Asian working girls, and depending on the establishment there is a wide range in both quality and prices of service. Zurich massage offerings tend to be the ultimate way to enjoy oneself, compared to other options available. Not only do the massage centers and private masseuses tend to be higher quality, the overall experience is much more enjoyable and relaxing for the customer. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on Zurich massage options before your visit, to ensure you take advantage of the many gorgeous working women here, and enjoy the pitfalls so common for newcomers.